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Be The Father Of This Child!

Jett Huntsman has his business straight, which is to scare shmucks into paying back what’s due. And yeah, he’s making shit tons of money while at it. Mostly because he’s good at it. Not that he brags. What he’s not good at, though, is how to deal with seeing a crying baby left in front of his house with the self-explanatory message: “Assume responsibility, asshole!” Jett has no time to think things through. He has shmucks to shake for money. So his kid, if that’s his kid, will have to come with him. The guy he’s supposed to scare enough to pay his debts is a total dweeb with a weird hippy name. This April Summer dude should know better than to piss off the wrong people. While he babbles about not having the money, he says the magic word - babies! Does this dweeb really know the first thing about kids? Jett doesn’t have time to think. April the Fool will take care of that crying baby if he knows what’s good for him. Especially since April seems weirdly familiar. (Disclaimer: No babies were made to cry during the writing of this story. Also, this is not intended as a parenting guide. Seriously.)

LauraSFox · LGBT+
Not enough ratings