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I am reincarnated as the Female Leader, but I want to marry the villain!

Cheng Shuyi was a modern woman in the 21st century, with an ordinary appearance and a serious attitude, who spent many years of her life working for the Chinese government. At the age of 40, she finally decided to take some time off and go on a well-deserved vacation. But, before she even had the chance to feel the calm ocean breeze on her skin, her plane exploded! The next time she opened her eyes, she had already become the young miss of a general's house in an alternate world, a Xuanhuan world. As of now, she has become part of a strong military family, the Sheng family of the Phoenix Supreme House, who currently possesses the greatest military power and a powerful guardian beast, the sacred phoenix. Her new name was similar to her name in the past, Sheng Shuyi. But now, she was a young 15-year-old girl, and it was time to choose her groom for the marriage that would take place the following year. However, the current plot reminded her of something from her past life. It was a Chinese web novel that one of her younger co-workers had often urged her to read, "Supreme Hero." Sheng Shuyi had actually become the female lead, who, after fighting with the other women and receiving the best wishes from her family, finally succeeded in marrying the hero of the story. Unfortunately, it was not a happy-ever-after ending. That female character had suffered a tragic death, while her husband, the hero, felt no remorse. Instead, he married her younger half-sister and then proceeded to exterminate Sheng Shuyi's side of the family! The only person to mourn her death was the villain! A man who seemed to have no feelings, only possessing the desire to dominate the world! In the end, it was revealed that the villain had actually been in love with her and the hero had only been interested in using her to gain status! To continue living in this Xuanhuan world, where the strong rule and the weak and crushed like bugs, Sheng Shuyi made three resolutions. 1. Become strong. 2. Avoid the "hero." 3. Fall in love with the villain! I just published it again! So let's take it easy! IT WILL BE 2 CHAPTERS PER WEEK.

Take_the_Moon · Eastern Fantasy

Dreams and Love: The Awakening of a Star

When you have a mesmerizing voice, do you dare to take the stage? This is the story of Izumi Melissa, a girl who had always dreamed of being a star. She got the opportunity, unknowingly claimed it, and desperately struggled against the hurdles of being an actress and a singer in the World of Entertainment. On her tough journey, she met Izuru Midoriya, a legendary figure of the Entertainment Industry with an unknown background. With his endless support and her daredevil will, she made every hurdle small, every trial easy and rose to stardom, like a bright light amidst the haunting darkness... But, was it really so? "Bombs are falling. World is stalling. I'm still trying, Why are we fighting? Words destroy us, Bait and toy us. I still love you, Do you love me too?" -Simon Curtis

oresamaisme · Romance
Not enough ratings

My Husband's Lucky Number

Wang Yun Lan is a curious, daydreaming business woman capable of handling hundreds of millions of yuan in every deal she makes. In the entertainment industry, that's no small feat. All this diligent work was to protect her inner most desire: to live at peace as an artist, and enjoy a simple life. Branded as a black sheep by the Wang family, she couldn't count on them to protect her dream. Only she was able to protect herself. Considered as one of the most successful people in the industry, at 26, she was already on her way to the innermost rings of Beijing. That is, she WAS. Now at the lowest point in her career, emotions, mental, and life, Wang Yun Lan is brought to the feet of Xi Lei Shun by chance (literally!). He saves her heart from near-certain death before everything she loves is stolen right before her eyes. Xi Lei Shun, the 33 year-old imperial emperor of the entertainment industry, picked her name at random to be his wife. Is this a stroke of luck or doom? Follow Wang Yun Lan as she pursues her true dream and grows into love and into herself with the help of Xi Lei Shun. Maybe even discovering that she's not so random after all...

dewyidrop · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings