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Hack and Slash

hey readers! this is another book I have marked down to get it on paper. I have 2 other books Poor Man Reborn, Should Have Let Me Die that are contracted and once one is finished I will he working on my other books in this order. but if a certain book gets more collections I will start that book sooner 1.Hack&Slash 2.Death March In To The Otherside 3.Hero Crisis: Running To The Only Reality 4.The Fall And Rise Of The Seven Witches Of Miasgard 5.Heartbeats Of Magic Weak. a word to describe those without power. A story that was my life, until I got a system, or at least I thought. Magic rules the land, and the strong control the weak, forcing them to serve. I, Rhune, lived under that rule — as did the rest of the town and country. I woke up one day with a screen in front of my face, and my magicless life changed. Even after getting my system, I was no better off; I was still weak. I didn't know what I was doing, and I was ready to just give up like everyone else. Stay under oppression rather than fight for freedom... ...That was until I met her... Short and beautiful, carrying a sword twice her size, she stood fearless, where I cowered. Ahna, a princess who escaped from the capital, wants to destroy her father and take back the kingdom. Somehow I got dragged into this goal, and this is our story.

Magic_ · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

No longer a Villainess now I'll be a Conqueror

Reincarnated into a medieval-Otome-game world I have become the villainess who is bound to die, banished, or married off to some stinky lord. But since I know the story of this game I shall set the record straight and conquer this world with my knowledge of advanced civilization and inherit my family's will then I shall live happily by myself. Commence the evil laughing!

RamenEater · Teen
Not enough ratings

Test of the Unfortunate

Allow me to tell you a tale so great, you yourself will not believe it. This book.. this novel.. that I poured my heart and soul into-! Is no book please do move on if you somehow come across this lol

Ri_n · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings