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Kat, real name Katana, is a normal high schooler who gets more depressed every time she gazes at piles of homework. On grad day, her parent's start acting fishy. Her older bro is even more annoyingly affectionate than usual, which is saying something. Her younger brother is more clingy than usual - like a baby koala bear. There's definitely weird stuff going on here. "Something's up, I know it." "What??? H-he, nothing's gonna happen!" "Don't bull- crap me. So clingy." "...GWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!" "Stop fake crying." On grad day, Kat feels even more depressed. College must assign even more hard work than high school... Not to mention running around like a chicken with it's head cut off because of a bomb dropped during grad day dinner(I knew something was suspicious). WARNING: May contain potentially offensive things like casual cursing, stoic female lead, gore, yadayada. WARNING: I've decided to take it slooooooooooooow. Like, slow slow. SO that means 1 update every week or two. Nothing else - I genuinely hope you enjoy your time with Kat.

8kkkkkkkk ยท Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings