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Royale Academy: I'm the Villainess

If one would look at the night, they would see a fragment of the universe. Now, there is a solar system, another sun and planets. No telescope has seen before. Seven Worlds where magic unravels. ------------ Second Princess Elizabeth Ariadan has finally returned to her home country after three years of her disappearance. She should have remembered her mother's promise... else returning home with your bags already packed for the journey to the academy, may not be so harsh in the first place. And maybe those dreams of a single moon wouldn't haunt her so. But, a mother is most the terrifying person in the world so... Bags packed, farewells said, she marched to the prodigious school for Royalty. Royale Academy, famed for training the best, ruthless, just rulers in history. And in question, almost every ruler in history, includings nobles that handles their land. Abandoned childhood friends, newly formed allies, a secret waiting to be shed. Being tangled in a game for the gods, hiding something in plain sight. A monster waiting for the hunt. Well, things are bound to be interesting... -------------------- Credits to the person who owns the picture, it's really pretty First time author, so please go easy on the criticism.

Elila ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings