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A Dark Secret [Boruto Fanfiction]

"I'll never forgive you.. —Uzumaki Boruto. " ....................... Naruto knew his children were mostly, if not always, the epicenter of trouble and chaos. "A world famous Uzumaki ability", he would call it. Specially Boruto. But never did he knew, that the family trait rubbed off to his future grandchildren as well. Wait what? . ........................... With a dark secret threatening to be revealed, will Boruto be able to save his children from the inevitable? When chaos awaits the whole world, what role will his own FUTURE self play? A story where the two different timelines overlapped. So be ready to welcome the future prodigies of Konoha, the grandchildren of the Seventh Hokage into our world!!

Shreya_loves_choco · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings

Boruto : Naruto The Kocak

Kisah aib-aib Boruto n Naruto dkk. Dan juga keseharian gaje+absurd mereka :v Beberapa chapter ada chat-chat an nya yak_^ Warning:typo bertebaran,gaje,receh, garing,gamutu,dll

ku_mi_ko_rin_7 · Fan-fic komik
Not enough ratings