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In Love with a Stranger

Eden McBride has terrible luck with both men and job hunting so she is stuck working in a kids' pizza restaurant after finishing college. The last thing she expected was that her perfect match would be her coworker in the dog mascot costume. Troy is kind, funny, and has a great taste in books and movies but there is one problem...she has never seen his face. Eden doesn't realize there is a second, bigger problem. Troy has another secret involving the rather compelling reason to keep his face hidden. Can love blossom under the weight of those secrets? *Cover art by polkadottedscrunchie*

Mcllorycat · Contemporary Romance

Mafia's Little Monster

"I refuse to let the Valenti Brothers, the most notorious bullies and pranksters in Einstein High, copy my assignment. And now they made it their mission in life to make mine a living hell." It's an obvious fact that Jenny absolutely hates Gareth and Griffin because they knew of her 'secret' but what if she found out that they would be step-siblings in the future? And what's more, her Italian step-father is the notorious head of a dangerous mafia, and her new stepbrothers are the future successors of the Valenti Clan? Coincidence? Or just simply bad luck? cover, not mine, don't sue me

Parisian_Moon · Teen
Not enough ratings

I reincarnated and was mistaken for an S-class character

Van wakes up in another world full of monsters and magic armed with the power of Math. Now if only people can stop thinking he's a godlike character when he's in fact starting from the bottom. "His Majesty the Sage Van once was able to stop a dragon's rampage, the first person to do so in recorded history." "Perhaps Sir Van is the only man that will be able to hold the demon lord back" "Van the sage is probably a millenia old hermit disguising himself, you best not try your luck Elder."

CultivateLife · Fantasy
Not enough ratings