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366 Days Together

“Crystal, you challenged me from the very beginning and I tried to resist you, but I knew even then that I wasn’t going to walk away without you by my side.” ~|~ Derin, an ordinary teen, embittered with the loss of her parents, and separated from her sister, is compelled to take up a marriage proposal by her aunt. Without a choice, she accepts and marries the playboy-slash-business mogul, Daniel L.C. Hartley. In a stance, her life is changed as she is faced with his ass/attitude, the media, frenemies, and the untold secrets. With all these pulling her, will she stand to survive, and eventually find the one whom her heart beats for? °•° Daniel, the most talked playboy of the season, is made to take in a bride by his parents in order to curb his delinquency, against his wish. Accepting this, he plans to make Derin’s life a living hell and force her to call it quits. But when his heart begins to rule him otherwise, will he be able to learn to love his simple wife, or quiver under the weights of the media, family, enemies, and a skeptical mystical mission? ~|~

Infinitebae · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings