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Doctor Riley is assigned to a mystery patient who appeared in the town one night. Violent, non-verbal, angry and scared all in one- the patient is an anomaly and no one knows who she is or what happened to her. As he takes it upon himself to find out who she is, he may unravel a whole new mess! The story revolves around a woman who is seemingly crazed with no trace of who she is. With many people in the town going missing and none of them being found, she isn't a priority to anyone except Doctor Riley who forms a bond with the patient. He could never expect what all would come to light all by probing into her identity.

_hestia_ ยท Horror&Thriller


After losing her boyfriend in a car accident, days go by differently for Lilia and she is not really aware of how long it has been since the tragedy that changed her life forever. That is why, after a fight with her parents and being fired from her job, she goes on an adventure behind a girl with the same name from whom she had been receiving frequent emails, which had stopped from one moment to another. Lilia wants to find the girl of the same name as hers and find herself in the process.

Macarena_Gonzalez ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings