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Broken Yeylin

Vardimann Yeylin is unwillingly dragging around a dark past that refuses to let go. He is desperate to escape, but it seems to be waiting for him everywhere he goes. On his travels, he becomes friends with a kind doctor. Vardimann struggles to ensure his friend stays innocent, but circumstances make that difficult. WARNING: Minor gore. I am a slow writer, but I hope you will wait for me. Thank you for your patience :)

SleepyVine · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Midnight Matter

Aster wants his own legacy, one that isn't his mother's. He aspires to have a great title and to be a high ranking member of the Harbor, one of the last pillars of humanity. Ever since a meteor hit earth, every continent except one were washed over and submerged indefinitely in the matter of ninety days. With the meteor instantly destroying most of modern technology with it's electromagnetic properties, humanity had to rebuild with what it knew. Subsequently, electricians, carpenters, and warriors skyrocketed in value. But something new came with the meteor, a new material, it is called Midnight Matter. Along with magical qualities, Midnight Matter became a material used in weapons, giving them magical properties. Eventually, an art was formed and a new culture was formed around it. However, people began letting the Midnight Matter overcome their mind and bodies, becoming amalgamations called demons. Will Aster achieve his dream of achieving a hero's legacy?

J_W_ · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The Dark Fate

When a young girl has memories of her best friend’s death, she finds herself caught in a world of wonder and mystery...as well as torture. Join Ashley as she discovers how much sanity it will cost to save one’s life.

Helen_Duncan · Fantasy
Not enough ratings