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??? : Minecrafter : The Journey Begin!

Eight teenager got transported to another world because something that happen outside of their bound of knowledge. Will all eight of them survive and figure out who are the one responsible for this, why they are there, when did they get there, what happened to their world and how can they go back to their home. Find out in this weird cliche adventure fill with obviously weirdness, a lit bit of romance here and there, cringe part of teenagers life, miscommunications, memes, jokes and puns. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I won't be able to update this story frequently as I'm still in school and the story is also going to be pretty CATastrophe and cringe, BUTT if you still want to read it, THANKS axoLOTl!!! (God that is a lot of dumb pun.)

RaihanBrine ยท Video Games
Not enough ratings