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Wealthy lady in a commoner :Tough journey of Mrs Devil.(on hold)

So, I am not perfect in writing neither English is my language. In case of any mistakes, please tell me and I will try to fix it. Now back to story. A rich girl with a perfect body and mind, transmitted into the drama she loves. Not a female lead or second female lead but as a commoner... ------------------------------ ''wait.... what author this is my favorite drama" said girl "yes yes" said author "but why am I nobody. Author please take me back to my world. I will give you as much as money you want author." Author being tempted. "No you can't" said big boss. "sorry girl" said author. "whatever I will create my own journey but why the hell second male lead is behind me, I want to have my own happiness ok?" said girl "author he said it is because of you, come here I will definitely won't kill you" said girl. Author running and saying "please read this novel and I am going or else she will kill me, bye. "

sliver56_29 ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings