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Secrets of the Soul

Check out this collection of 10 articles, which comes from the depth of the heart! Topics that we all think about, but not with certainty. But, life isn't meant to be certain, afterall, it has to maintain it's charisma!! Be ready to get a weird kind of a feeling within your ribs, coz I do, all the time I think or write on any of these topics. These topics might seem to be just words, but they are so much more! People all around are different but they have a comman string of vigor and hence, everyone will definitely relate to it! Afterall, however normal we feel us to be, we have that part in us which always craves for the uniqueness! A part of us that only we understand, because we've all got some Secrets of the soul !! ~~We are the creatures of complexity, With confused minds, and a desperate heart. We cover our vulnerability with a mask, Its actually special, a talent, an art! We live in a world, which makes us feel normal, but we've got the uniqueness, for us to find and make it real! We've got the blood and bones, crypting with fear, but it's time now, come out of the tunnel, Be great, be unreal! Give divinity to your earthly role, Unrelish the 'Secrets of the Soul'.~~

Vanshika_Shanker ยท Fantasy Romance
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