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Hired for Secrets

Investigative journalist Sofie attempts the impossible: seduce an infamous gigolo. But their dangerous game of pretence and desire spirals out of control, threatening their hearts and their lives. “Sometimes you need to find the secrets in yourself to understand the ones around you.” The cold-blooded investigative journalist, Sofie Black pursues the truth relentlessly. Making it all the more infuriating when the aloof and charming Philip grinds her current investigation to a halt. Close to finally unmasking the corrupt female politician that stops at nothing to get the top job, Sofie knows that Philip holds the key to her downfall. But he seems immune to all her tactics. There is more to the infamous and high-priced male escort than meets the eye. Intrigued by Sofie’s fearlessness, he skilfully traps her in a dangerous game of pretence, desire and denial that holds the incriminating information firmly out of her hands yet keeps her tantalizingly close. Only when the MP’s violent death paints a target on his back and thoroughly rattles his golden cage does he realize that Sofie has already gotten too close. Forced to work together they peel away layers to the truth and expose a roaring desire for each other that neither of them can control. But as Sofie connects Philip’s secrets, she realizes how deep he is involved in the corruption. Will Sofie expose the crimes and risk Philip’s life or will she protect him and become part of the swamp she despises?

genesined · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings