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Serial Lover

I woke up confused, I was in a whole different place. Laying down on a bed in a different room. The last thing I remember was having an allergic reaction and him picking me up, then it hit me, I was in his room, on his bed, in his house again. Hell no I gotta get outta here. I quickly got up and ran for the door but before I could open it He shouted "Where are you going?" I turned around only to see him dripping wet in his towel, hair soaked and slicked back to perfection. This man is just perfect in almost every way. He walked up to me and grabbed my waist bringing me close to him. So close my breasts were pressing on his chest. I put my hands on his chest and tried to push myself back but failed. He got closer. "What do you want?" I said looking him in the eyes wanting answers. "I want you to stay" Kilo smiled. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Lies. Mystery. Romance Lani Paris is just a runaway from LA and making her way to New York was not easy. From leaving an abused home to losing her mother Kehlani has been through hell. She then bumps heads with the ruthless heartless billionaire Kilo Valentino who saves her life. Kehlani gets a job at his company and instantly regrets it. He not only wants something from her but he wants to get married. She slowly discovers the secrets Kilo has been hiding and the real reason for her marriage. Instant regrets, Lies, Desires, and hatred all form this perfect couple the Valentino's. MATURE CONTENT Warning this story contains very mature content. Read at your own risk.

Sweet_sexy_savage ยท Contemporary Romance
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