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Sweet Milk

Izuku is a breeding cow but he doesn't let any bull breed with him. He has always been a feisty little cow. He lives in a lovely and huge bran with his mother and friends. But is somewhat lonely because he see's all of his friends with there boyfriend/bull, and is wanting for the day he will full connect with his one and only. Eijirou is a chill and laid-back bull. He was almost never hostile, only when some other bull tries and fails to take something that rightfully his. Sadly the fight he got into caused him to be transferred to another farm and the farm was the famous non-kill farm in japan "Sweet Milk". ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I do not own any of the My Hero characters I do own all of the oc's I do not own the cover ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is seim- omegaverse with my own twist

PeachMilkTea ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings