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Naruto FanFiction: A Drastic Change

A man from Earth dies and decides to live his life in the Elemental Nations, but instead of working himself to change a lot, he chooses a different route. Deciding that Naruto still had much untapped potential that was never realized, he decides to take it upon himself to give Naruto what he never had: A loving family and proper training. The story will mostly follow Naruto though, however the entire story will be influenced by above mentioned. *NEW* - I do NOT own Naruto or any other intellectual property used in my story. - Do not expect further updates on this. If I do update a chapter, once again, expect that to be the end. ----------------------------------------------- - The updates will be slow, VERY SLOW, if at all. I only promise that I am not going to churn out chapters. - If you see any things that you believe would be better if changed, do point it out, and I'll ponder it. I might use it if you properly explain why and it makes sense. - English is not my native language, so there will be flaws in the written language as well, which is only natural. If you find any glaring errors that lowers your reading experience, please do not hesitate to point it out. - If you wish to use the base idea for this format, or even rewrite what I have written, feel free to do so, please just refer to this novel page, if it's done you're more than welcome to change whatever, or even raw copy the entire thing and just change a few things.

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