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Just A Teenage Father

Eli Evergreen was a wealthy man that grew up in a poor family. As the only man of the house he had to deal with a lot of struggles that no kid should go through, because of these struggles he matured faster than others. He spent all of his life working to become successful to help other unfortunate people in a capitalist country run by wealthy corrupt politicians. One day on the birthday of Eli's 69th birthday he looked around at reality and realized he was all alone knowing he had no family to speak of. All that's left was his nieces and nephew's that he barely knew. Every day he became more depressed and regretful, his mind was full of questions like "why didn't I ever settle down and have kids'' but he knew it was because he wasn't attracted to the women of this world, it always seemed like they had intentions or they wanted some kind of benefit. Eventually the time finally came for him to pass away, he found himself in a hospital bed all alone in his room too weak to move, he could only turn his head and talk. "So this is how I go huh? All alone by myself.... I....wish.......no... god if your listening please grant me my one wish I've never asked much of you but please if there a after life I hope that I can have a big happy family....." *BEEEEEEP* "Hmm... It's my time to go I guess....I wish.....If on..ly..................*BEEEEEEEEEEP* Suddenly a nurse come in run over to the man only to see him dead a doctor rushes in and says *Sigh* "Time of death?" The nurse says "Approximated time of death 3:34 PM sir" The Doctor once again sighs, he knows that the news is going to be crazy for the next couple of day's after all who hasn't heard of Eli Evergreen he was the most famous entrepreneur of his lifetime. *Shuffle* Shuffle* *Flip* "Huh where am I? Wasn't I just in the hospital dying? And these hands they're definitely too small to be min- wait! Don't tell me!" Cover photo isn't mine, OC's Are mine, If you feel inspired by my novel you have my permission to take some ideas as long as it not total copywrite.

Atlas_Evergreen ยท Magical Realism
Not enough ratings