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The Meek and The Beast

A remote, woodland village is plagued by a feathered, dragon-like, creature. The beast. In order to keep the monster at bay, the village people have resorted to sacrificing their livestock; an unspoken agreement arranged in desperation. But when the resources run low, a new choice must be made to save the people from starvation. Those in charge must take initiative and choose a human sacrifice based on practicality. Ferrin, a teenage boy with anemia, is the first choice. On the night of a new moon, he is ripped from his twin sister's arms and offered up as a meal to the beast. Chained, and bleeding, he ponders his chances of survival. But death does not come. He is captured and held captive by the creature. While Ferrin searches a way of escape, Lavender, his sister, searches for a way to rescue him. There is a darker secret still, and truths yet to be uncovered. Will a miracle befall Ferrin? Will Lavender be capable of his rescue? The future is uncertain.

Lesbolord · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Trail of the Knights: Fire and Lightning

In a mythical land, years younger than our own, where Knights, Kings, and mythical creatures of many kinds exist together. Join Red Uinn, one of these Rare beings on his journey as his entire existence is challenged and the kingdom he pledged his loyalty to his threatened.

Spector45_Ghost · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Cera’s Curse

A girl named Emily has a secret that could get her killed. She travels through the kingdom of Cera to find answers and investigate rumors of a wandering ghost that could fix all her problems. Throughout her journey she meets new people and discovers truths about herself she never could have imagined.

Em_Bell · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings