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Arrow Jack

Far in the west lies an island, named Stoikia, an island full of greedy nobles, poverty, murder, witches and many more evils. But Jackson Fen, and his older brother, Borison Fen, are the only "sane" and "pure" people on that island. With the help of some outsiders, Jack's plan is to get off that island and escape to a nearby island to the east, named Chrylotine. The island was supposedly safer than any other in the area. He wanted to start a fresh new town or haven for the people of Stoikia, to take back what was theirs from the nobles, and prove Jack's worthiness of leadership.

MerchantMade · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

No one for a second serving

This year's harvest festival will be one for the Blackstone history books.

bellmaker · History
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