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DaoistcJQqfY · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

I’m A Goddess?!

God. Can he fall in love, or is he forever doomed to be seen as an emotionless cosmic ruler? Could he possibly even visit this world in disguise? Eva is your average, well, spunky teenager that lives in rural Spain; the only home she’s ever known. A twist of fate forces her family to move to America, where along the way, she meets an unusual, yet handsome young man named Leo. What’s seems so unusual about him is that she seems to bump into him everywhere, until they become neighbors in Jacksonville, Florida. A romance begins, but woven into their story are deep mysteries; it’s even almost as if they’ve known each other forever. Literally. Enter into a story that has so many twists and turns that it’ll make your head dizzy! What a wonderful love story this truly is! One that reaches to the very depths of the heart.

Jennifer_Carrico · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings