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Sea of the Forsaken

It was supposed to be a normal visit to her uncle's place. Everything was planned out to prevent anything from happening by her parents, but it didn't end that way in the end. After taking a dive in an underwater cave with her cousins, Lynae and Meredith, something changed within her. Ever since that day, Amelia, Lynae, and Meredith uncover more on their family's secret lineage resulting in them becoming something that they thought was not possible. Now showing their true scales, they adjust their lives into becoming more than just mermaids, but as the rightful rulers of the five water realms along with two mermen. They meet other merfolk along the way to help guide them into making each of their designated realm a better place for everyone. However, not everyone would agree with what the five rulers have in mind as for what is best. The main concern would be set on the five after they discovered that they each inherited a special power from each sibling. But with those powers come with great distress. Fearing that history may repeat itself, the mer are keeping a close eye on Amelia since she is the reincarnate of the one whom was good at heart but became corrupt to the very end resulting in her transforming into a great beast that terrorized the underwater kingdom. If you want to take a dive into an adventure that stretches around the world while witnessing the supernatural elements these mer face everyday, then you are in the right place. Come under and see why the merfolk are not just a fairytale, but a lost race that the humans have forgotten for over centuries. 2020's WATTPAD'S NOBEL PRIZE WINNER - FANTASY CATEGORY HONORABLY RECOGNIZED IN THE 2020 SERANIAN AWARDS 2020's HALCYON AWARDS SECOND PLACE - ADVENTURE CATEGORY

Luna_Mermaid1 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Demonic Faery Tales

A anthology of Short Stories that are retelling of old tales and myths. What is humane and what is demonic? Not all humans are humane and not all demons are demonic. "The way his smile grew made me wonder if he baited me into saying those words. He leaned down and wrapped his arms around me to lift me. The movement surprised me and I wrapped my arms around his shoulders." -Demonic Rose "I turned my head to look at him, right as he licked my lips. I must have turned as red as my cloak. "Thank you for taking care of me. I must find a way to repay the favor someday."" - Demonic Moon

Rune_Williamson · LGBT+
Not enough ratings


The Hidden Series (Book 1): YINYANG UNIVERSITY My name is Shero and I am a mixedblood, half-human half-hidden. I am a guardian. I am one of the four elemental users and they called me 'the Aquaist'. I have the ability to manipulate water and any liquid solutions. My power is one of a kind, strong and deadly. *** Note: Please do not compare my work to any stories here in webnovel because FYI - I do not read webnovel stories. I get my inspiration from anime and movies. ***

unknownorigin · Fantasy
Not enough ratings