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Twinkle ➵☽║ Nomin FF

A mermaid AU Fanfic "Your eyes twinkle like the ocean when the moonlight hits it." "And so does yours." A 22 year old Na Jaemin, who is a merman. A university student at Sogang University in South Korea. In this alternate universe, humans and mermaids were on good terms, making the expose of mermaids more often on land, also increasing the population of them. A secretive Jeno has hid his mermaid identity for a long time, until he invited Jaemin to come over to his apartment and discovered the truth. Warning -a lot of texting -some mature content -violence The books' song - River Flows in You by Yiruma [piano and violin], Breathe by Years & Years, Latata by (G)Idle [English ver.] -Minri

miniminri · Celebrities & Real People
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Mer-fairy in Naruto

Also on Wattpad.

Serenity_Tsukino · Anime & Comics
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Thea Harlow and the boy who lived

Thea has lived at Howgarts more than she can remember. You'd say, it's her entire life. And her entire family too.

Jac_Cameron · Movies
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