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Power To Let Go

The mage coughed up some blood while pressing a hand to the ground, his dark magic covering the ground and causing both of us to fall through the ground. A scream ripped through my lungs before I even hit the ground, the ground coming up to me fast and unexpected. The air within my lungs being thrown out at the force of the ground, my ribs aching with a burning pain that told me I broke a few ribs. I gasped for breaths, rolling over on my back and staring up at the hole above me when another low groan resonated a few feet away from me. My head rolled over to the struggling, bent over the figure on the ground. "You..." I hiss, slowly following suit and struggling to sit up with my arm cradling my aching ribs. It felt like my whole insides were turned into slush and there was nothing I could do. Not even time could repair an injury like this one. The mage slowly got off the ground, his right eye bloody and his hand held onto it tightly. Blood oozed from his fingers and I could see by the frightened look on his face that he could barely see me. Great. Is this where all my effort and time has landed me in? 〰〰〰 This is book two of the Power series. I wanted to hit series issues like the loss of family and how hard it is for someone to lose a loved one. You don't have the read the other books in order to understand this book. Hope you enjoy this book!!

Broadcastduck71 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The Lacuna Keeper

"If there was anything Nature was sure of, it was Jack was guilty." Being the queen's scribe was always a fitting job for Nature, and everyone respected her. However, soon her life would never be the same. Everyone knew she was different and wondered why, but how great is the difference? Nature's tried to ignore it for years. Lately, it decided to catch up to her. How will she prove she's not a murderer in disguise? Future queen of Equality, Princess Guardians was always forced to learn about magic and normal royal activities. Her childhood was rough, but a long time ago, she had a change of heart. Her alliance with Nature was only beginning. Her interest in the abnormal was also growing. She understood it was her job to unite Equality with Nature's help. He only thought he was destined to be a general like his father, but Freedom learned maybe that was not all his father intended for him. Choosing Nature came with serious consequences. Consequences that would tear his family apart until he discovers the truth. The Lacuna Keeper Season 1 is a collection of episodes 1-50 with Nature as the protagonist, Freedom as the defender, and Princess Guardians as the commander. What secrets does Equality hold? The trio will indeed find out within time....

Inspiration_Phebes · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings