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Re: Heroes X Marvel X DC

Young student bumming out with friends after watching Heroes TV series and was supposed to be magically summoned in Another world but was obviously got isekai’d. Upon waking up in the new world he got kicked into, he discovers the reason this universe was abandoned by ROB (Random Omniscient Beings). Follow his adventure to dominance, and his search of his friends from his past life. Disclaimer: I do not own all Marvel, Anime/Manga, DC, film and other novel or bookcharacters. As I will make sure of following the “Fair use” clause of copyright. Book Cover Illustration by Ekita Kuro taken from Pinterest (https://www.pinterest.com/pin/690669292831167559/) Why do this? -Rewritten Fan fiction novel from webnovels Heroes X Marvel X DC -Had a power stone, statistics issue from the Inkstone of Webnovel in the previous account. Moslty uploads on: https://reheroesxdcxmarvel.wordpress.com/index/

WayneSteine · Fantasy

Wielder of the Godslaying swords

A boy named Tristan was bullied and beaten all his life. When he was run over by a truck he got reincarnated in a new world full of magic. Through an error in his so called Interface he gets to be the strongest being and starts on his quests to kill those gods, wich abandons earth and let it be the place it is. Using his anger and sadness, a system called Nova takes over and influences him into growing hate towards the gods and changing his perspective on things. It makes sure that he stays on his quest, and he learns that the hard way. Please notice, English is not my first language, and this is my first book. So you’ll find some writing mistakes and errors here and there. ———— The book cover does not belong to me ————

RyZoonHD · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Reincarnated Into A Nature Beast...or wolf?

The day was going perfect. Gem was finally going to confess his love to his childhood friend Lina. Until *crash* he was crushed by a tree. Now this was no ordinary tree. No this tree was actually none other than the Nature Goddess Sabrina. Now Sabrina was just testing her powers and she didn't sense Gem so she felt pity for him and gave him another chance at life. And what was this life you may ask. Well lets just say its going to be a wild ride for Gem with his life turned completely out of wack he now must face new challenges with his new form. Will he overcome them and reach the top. Well lets just say its going to be a crazy.

BlackenRose · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The Path Of The Evil Emperor

Diedrick was abandoned by his parents after he was born, leaving him in an orphanage with his only family, his twin brother Felix, Diedrick swore that no matter what, he was going to protect his brother, but fate has other plans for these brothers. -English is not my native language so I will be grateful to anyone who points out the mistakes I made -The mc is ruthless and will kill anyone who gets in his way, so if you do not like that I do not recommend you read the novel -the cover image is not mine, and if the owner wants me to change it I will do it -read the tags

Supreme_Evil_Lord · Eastern Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Revenge of the Fallen Hero

"No! I don't want to wake up from this dream... The real world is a nightmare...." Betrayed and backstabed by the people he protected, Ray lost meaning of his life. Unable to save lives of his dear ones, he stood powerless. Boiling with rage, he got engulfed in darkness. That's when he swore revenge against the Kingdom of Dwain.... That was the birth of The Fallen Hero.... I will be posting this story on RoyalRoad Read at least until chapter 4

CanopyL · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

I, Villain Reborn

The day of the prophecy has arrived. The World Prime, Lin Hui, and his clan battled against the Demon's Heaven Army, who have been constantly destroying the Qi of the Cultivation world since time immemorial, for 89 days before finally killing the Supreme Ruler of the Demons. Ten years later, an unknown source of spirit energy entered the body of Hu Feng, a neighborhood bully in a faraway land. Can the Darklord, Hu Feng, battle against all common logic now that his memories have reawakened, and fight to the top of the chain and get the revenge on the fate of the demon race, and himself?

KhilAxe · Eastern Fantasy

The Race Destroyer

Humanity made contact with the first extraterrestrial life forms in the 5th century of the space age. Soon, mankind learnt about the merciless laws that govern the universe, learnt that they were are the bottom of the food chain. For the next 10 trillion years, mankind suffered under the grasps of these lifeforms that saw them as good cultivation resources... they valued man's soul force. After this dark age, the human's that were scattered all over the universe, slowly formed a research team. After millenniums of research, the soul system was invented, a combination of cultivation techniques with mankind's superior intelligence and technology. In less than 70,000 years, humans were no longer slaves, races bowed beneath us, in the great rankings human cultivators were placed 3rd. 3rd best when competing with billions of other races. However, this attracted unwanted attention, and the previous top 3 races and their allies coveted humankind's technology and techniques... In the edge of utter destruction, humanities greatest minds gathered together, and picked the best 1000 talented members of the younger generation to carry on mankind's legacy. Then over 1000 pods scattered into the vast expanse of space, that day, all warriors were terminated and women were sold as slaves, children as labourers. Since the destruction of mankind, 27 billion years have passed, now there is only one human left of the trillions that once occupied the stars as their homes. One man in a cryonic chamber, in the depths of a dungeon, awakes and carries the burden of a entire race on his shoulders....

1_Light · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings