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One Last Merchant

Magic is not real. Monster that defy logics should not exist. Yet, I cannot refute what is before my very eyes. What my mangled body has told me through painful experiences. What my dying mind has comprehended with my last willpower. The world that I have once lived in changed abruptly one day, and the new era dawned for the human race. It is done by the hands of those who are known as Rulers. They call it mercy, but I know it is a game to them. If they truly wish to help the human race, then there surely a better way than sacrificing billions to uplift the selected few. The Zoning Events was set in stone, and the dimensional barrier collapses, allowing the monsters that we could never hope to defeat with our current technology to enter our universe. Allowing horrifying worlds and landscapes to merge with our own. And through blood, sweat, and fear, we understand that our science cannot truly surpass the natural law of the universe. Only through magic, the human race might survive. Only through magic, a better future can be reached. Everything has its price, and no price is too great for the second chance. This is the story of the last Merchant. One Last Merchant. *** Disclaimer: This story contains graphical sex scenes and depictions of torture! Please enjoy! Tags: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Psychological, Romance, Tragedy, Supernatural, Male-Protagonist, Sexual Content, R-18. And a bunch other. *** Story List: story.erosire.com Support me: patron.erosire.com Contact me: discord.gg/ffazvKp

Erosire · Fantasy

A Merchant in the Apocalypse

Iridiel, a Merchant of the Apocalypse, enters a world before it's end and starts to sell his products. However, no one stopped by, and growing bored of waiting, he devised a great plan and advertised his little store. Journey with Iridiel as he sells his products and makes money to feed himself, as his customers uncover the truth of his origin.

Dream_God · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings

King Administrator

What happens when one of the most hated system trops becomes a characters main ability? Michael Kehlani woke up with the sounds of carts rolling off dirt roads, the sun blaring down, as he takes in his surrounding he fails to recognise anything. Thrust into a new world of men and self-stlyed gods, how will he survive? Will he overcome or will he be swept away in the winds of time?

Y_Maverick · Eastern Fantasy
Not enough ratings

I Become a Merchant in another World

Jin, an Appraiser at an appraiser organization, wakes up to find himself in another world! A world where mythical creature like dragon and phoenix exist. A world where human aren’t the only intelligent race and species like elves and dwarfs exist. A world where special abilities like magic Exist!! “I am too old for this …”

YMessiah · Fantasy
Not enough ratings