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The Vladimir Family

The Vladimir family has stood for ages, eons and eons, an unstoppable force ruling over the vampires for centuries. But what happens when the Vladimir deals with an opponent like no other. An opponent that strikes the family dead. Aurelius Vladimir, youngest son of the King Vladimir survives and is accidentally turned into an alpha werewolf which helps him run away. Now aged 20, he must not only hide the truth of the werewolf blood running in his veins which can be seen through his one brown eye but also find this opponent that seeks to wipe out the Vladimir family completely. Along the way, Aurelius will find love, love that will throw him off his feet and make him feel alive, something that he's not felt in a long time. Love with someone named Earl Jasper but will Aurelius be able to stay with someone like him, someone that could be ruined completely because of the past that is slowly catching up with Aurelius.

HyacinthNavyIron ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings