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Ghosts in Regis?

Sophia Fauve is a young fairy living her daily life in Regis. Things are hardly ever "normal" for her as she is an apprentice of Master Ipruk, one of the most powerful wizards in the continent. They offer magical help to all clients who stop by their shop and ask for it. However, when a new client comes to them with a "ghost" problem, will they be able to get the job done?

yancadoodles · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Emotion Rage: Enchanted World

"SON, CONTROL YOUR EMOTION!" This is a story of a human who lived on earth but was suddenly teleported to a place called the Enchanted World. It was never an accident, it was an answer. But what lies ahead in this very place called Enchanted world? Is it wonders? Peace? Bliss? Fulfillment? Paradise? Or malice... Everyday, this 21 year old young man asks for a new world for him as he always hated himself living on earth. His self esteem is going down the drain every steps he take, every eyes that happen to meet his, every glance from a person towards him. He hated the world, he despised what was becoming of him. Although... as a child, he was gifted. But what happened to this gifted child? It so happened that he existed in the wrong world. He was cheated on, deceived, abused, bullied, unloved, and disregarded. Why did such a jolly person turned out the way he is now? Because of one thing he misunderstood... EMOTION. He lost some of his memories upon arriving to a different world, an Enchanted World. The new appearance he had made him think that he was just dreaming, "Aw! Wait-... Woah Woah woah! What is this! It's not a dream?!"

Xenovraise · Fantasy
Not enough ratings