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Transmigrating: I Became The Final Boss

"Princess, dinner is ready" 'I don't want it.' "Princess, Emperor wants to have dinner with you." 'Tell him to eat with his family.' "Princess your brothers spent all day cooking your favourite meal." 'Are they trying to poison me?' "Ma'am, your father has not eaten anything for 2 days, please come down for dinner." 'LET HIM STARVE TO DEATH!' "Ma'am, Empress Dowa-" 'SAY A WORD MORE, I WILL RIP YOUR TONGUE OUT AND EAT IT! GET OUT!' . . . . She was transmigrated inside a famous novel where she is the infamous princess. Forced to live a new life, she will not be stepped upon, after all, she is the Final Boss.

moonandsun0 ยท Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings