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Promise me : Vengeance

A peaceful night in the mainland of Kangkeipak. Some guards who were on duty sensed some movements from the bushes outside the territory of the mainland. -x-x-x-x-x- Gamba, generally known as Gamba , the Chinglai Ngamba , was known for his great valour and strength and his victory against the Crimson Chinglai. He was one of the seven greatest warlord of Kangleipak. Not only his striking facial features was sharp but his long black hair compliments his handsome face and beautifully chiseled warrior body. [chinglai : means dragon , Chinglai Ngamba : means stronger than the dragon]. ......... .......... .............. Gamcha :- ( shockingly). A woman?!? The sudden movement seemed as if she used every ounch of energy which was left inside her body, causing her to lose consciousness. x-x-x-x ...Read more on who was the woman and why did she come in Kangleipak.

Swan_oracle ยท Historical Romance
Not enough ratings