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is it great to be a hero

inheritence of the loathed one, to change the world is the inheritence, to go against the will of gods is it's way, to be a Wheatstone for the mankind is it's purpose, to die atlast is the holder's destiny. "i have to make this world stronger " were the progenitor's words as he became the villan who made the heroes cry in pain, he was the one who stood against the whole world, even the gods forbade his existance. everyone wished for his demise as he was the reincarnation of the demon lord creating ruckus as he wish, people say he drank the blood of children instead of water, they say his castle of 1000sq meters area was made of the bones of vrigin women, people hoped for a hero, hoped for a miracle to take place, their wish came true and the demon was slain. before he was killed he spoke the words which bewildered the hero to no end "my wish came true now the world is in safe hands, hero a word of advice for you share your teachings to save the world from it's future calamity I have done my work of empowering the world these are my last words hero save this planet by sharing your knowledge else even bigger calamity than this might happen." and he breathe his last breathe, even his soul was destroyed by the wrath of gods. no one ever knew about the conversation between the hero and the so called demon king. a legend is that 5 subordinates of the demon king were hidding in the world and the gods decreed for their demise and an even more greater legend is that the demon King's legacy was somewhere in the world waiting for it's rightfull heir. our main character is the second legacy holder of this loathed one. whether he uses it for his own gain or follows the path of the progenitor is his choice.

day_light_vanderer ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings