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Return to begin a career as a Viking!

Return to begin a career as a Viking!

a returning man that comes to a strange world nearly as the development timeline of the earth but with some strange changes, Dwarves? dragons and vampires? perhaps some of these fantasy creatures are more common than a salaryman can think before coming to this strange world! ''in the name of the Alþingi council, I Declare myself as ruler and Jarl of the Frozland, the first mandate as Jarl Heikko the Grotesque, I declare the ransacking and taking of the women on the south!'' a salaryman never happens to think, he will begin a thief career as a big pirate in the Dying Viking Era and he will be the terror fables in the ages to come. PS: I'm a newbie and not an English speaker, cautions with the spelling horrors and I'm not responsible if you get cancer in the eyes!

Happy_apple · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings