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One Night Stand with the Newest Tycoon

ONE NIGHT STAND -COMPLETED- Jero Mitchelle D. Francisco is a prominent young billionaire and eligible bachelor in the country at the age of 26. He is also known as the 'Alpha' amongst his group because of his elegance and charm. Jeniffer Kate P. Llorevo is a half blood British-Filipino girl, at the age of 22, she's entering the medical field as a medical technology student. She has a figure like a supermodel, as to why many companies are inducing her to become one and also because her family is one of the richest families in Europe. - -"You're pregnant?" -"Yes. And you are the father." -"That's impossible. How did that happen?" -"Are you seriously asking me that? Then, let me tell you how. Your penis entered my vagina and you filled it with something all men produce, which are sperm cells and semen,  APPARENTLY, I have actually produced an egg cell so together it became a zygote. I'm two weeks pregnant, you jerk." She sarcastically said. -"No." It turns out that the one night they spent with each other will have her carry a baby in her womb. What are they going to do after knowing that they are becoming parents after the night they thought would just be a really "great night" for them? Starring: Jero Mitchelle D. Francisco Jeniffer Kate P. Llorevo Donna C. Magallanes Ethan Tan F. Lopez Lei Karlos V. Carlos Kaz Carl B. Ocampo Paolo Earl Z. Reyes Jonn Karl P. Llorevo Elizabeth P. Llorevo Francis L. Llorevo ORIGINAL TITLE: ONE NIGHT STAND Disclaimer All of the characters, places and names were all created by the mischievous thought of the author. Any similarities seen to other stories regarding names, characters and places were all coincidence. PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME

Nyeil_rad14 · Realistic Fiction
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