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Mechanical Origins

Ed Kay is reincarnated in a fantasy world as an artificial human, But when his personality gets him tagged as a defect, he is thrown away. Now armed with a game-like system that can teach him magic and make him stronger, he strives to become stronger so as to never be treated like a piece of trash again.

CakeDemon · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Project: PAR490N

(This will be independently updated, ranging from days to years, mostly a long time) "What is happiness?" The former mechanical soldier of the great war that happened a thousand years ago asked that question, developing curiosity for emotions. Happiness, Anger, Sadness, Uncomfortability, Love... He wanted to feel those emotions for himself, and now that he was unshackled from the chains of his former master, he has the freedom to research them. Be the spectator of what will be a great adventure between a lifeless entity and a great mage that couldn't help but feel curious at the entity himself.

General_Paragon · Fantasy
Not enough ratings