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Ain't Your Regular Girlfriend

Ain't Your Regular Girlfriend

"Look at me please". He pleaded and tried turning my face to him, so he'd be able to look me in the eye. But I couldn't, I refused to let him see the tears that were now rolling down my cheeks. It was heart-wrenching seeing myself all teary.  "Don't," I quickly rest my head on his shoulder, confused at myself. Why am I like this? Maybe it all has to do with the thought that I've lost his friendship forever, already lost hope that he'd never talk to me again, or having him smile at me... Those smiles that always give me butterflies, maybe it all has to do with the lies I've been feeding my head, the lies that I've moved on.  But here we are, holding each other so tight that we'd never let go. "Did I do something wrong?". He asked softly and placed his finger under my chin tipping my face up to his.  I shook my head No. "It's just... I thought we would never talk again". I said honestly and took a long breath. "But everything feels okay now". I said and tried effortlessly to smile.  He smiled at me... Oh lord! A wide full smile that tickles my heart. Gosh! This dude is gorgeous, his emerald green eyes were shining alongside the light as they locked with mine... Pleading to be kissed. He possesses the sexiest eyes that I have ever seen. I blushed as I laid lower to kiss them. My mind was blurry as I blurted. "You are gorgeous," I said and placed a quick kiss on his lips. He smiled and grabbed my lips before I could pull back.

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