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Blade of Mortal Sin

Kanzaki Kagami made a fatal mistake he can't remember, but his forgetfulness isn't limited to just that. His memories are completely jumbled, and he can live off what he thinks is reality, but he'll never reach the truth on his own. The one thing he does know for sure is that he has a secret he must never let loose. Kagami bears a sigil of the awakened; women who remember the previous life they lived, and who weaponize their memory fragments for military use. At the request of an "acquaintance", Kagami is summoned to a school where such women are trained, and he isn't prepared for what lies waiting for him. Whether he wants to or not, Kagami must face his traumatic past and the strength that resides within, which is rooted deep into more lifetimes than you can count.

7shi ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings