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Mrs. CEO's Husband

Mrs. CEO's Husband

Mommy said when she gave birth to me, it was her life-saving moment. I know people tend to think a mother and a father would embrace each other to create me, the baby. However, I only had a mother and she only had me. Nevertheless, being known as an intelligent young child was a bad idea. So I’ll merely pretend to be like the other kids and go with the flow for Mommy. *future actor right there* The relatives of grandpa were bad. The sissy guy was bad. The suitor was in fact a bad guy but was well-hidden. The self-proclaimed ‘best friend’ of Mommy was bad. Mommy's biological father was an evil incarnate... Yup, everything was bad. There was practically nobody near Mommy who was genuinely good to her from the bottom of their hearts. Baby: Hey! Could you accompany my Mommy? Guy: Uhh… Baby: You’re splendid enough for her! Guy: Ummm… Baby: Please? Pretty please? If not I can compensate you! Guy: Errr… Mom: JAZZ!!! If you continue bothering him I’ll never prepare food for you again! *Guy hugs Mom* Guy: *Whisper to Mom* If you agree, I won’t mind. *Mom blushes* Baby: I knew I am the greatest! O(≧▽≦)O If You Want to be Notify for UPDATE! -->>>https://discord.gg/7Qkw8u5 If You Want to ask Something or to the Crew -->>>https://discord.gg/XRwP7JB If You Want to be My editor or Proofreader~ --> Ping me~ @Lady Black ^O^V

Lerin · Contemporary Romance