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Who said that to kill zombies I need a bat?

【November 28th, 20**/Day 94 of the apocalypse】 . Yersterday I had a dream, honestly, I should be talking about the mutant dog that somehow climbed to my department, THE 11TH FLOOR! And not about a ridiculous dream, but my instict tells me that that MMORPG-like world I dreamed is my only chance to get my old life back, before all these crazy zombie/mutant/Yolgho stuff... I still can't undestand how Jonathan came up with that weird name, why you don't just call them zombies or mutant and that's it? . (Author notes: the porpose of this novel is to entretain, but other than that, it is for me to practice my english, so, every gramma mistake or typo you find, you can write it on the comment of the paragraph. ╰(*°▽°*)╯)

Monmu · Magical Realism
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