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Forever with you in love

Darkness utter complete darkness surrounded me.such as one could get lost their whole self or sight in it .eyes could be wide open still one can feel this blindness n become mad being in it ,I'm in it or is it in me or am i surrounded by it? I can feel something was off but what it is ? This could be a black pit or a black hole but it's not. a hand like breez was touching me every where.i cant see anything rather than solely relying on my instincts coz i lost all of my senses except one! the way i feel. some one is here with me, i could definitely feel their presence . But not a sound or nothing was in hearing range or there isn't anyone!. i dont know .what it could be ,where could I be in a place like this n how.is this is my dream or a place in universe or hell.what is it.is there anyone is being here along with me. while I was busy with my inner voice I heard something near me. a hush like sound .i stood like a statue in a stunning silence of that darkness and listened carefully again.some voice I couldn't pin point whether it's a man's or a women's? but it told me one thing bringing the scary realization that some thing was there along with me numbing my sense by a brain freezing touch of a hand starting from my hip bone to my lips and a very cold lips near my ear telling me a sentence consisted of three little words n one specia word which could start a panic attak in me. "name me then ! maya...".

kvr_04 ยท Fantasy Romance
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