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Rebirth : A Woman With Frozen Heart

Rebirth : A Woman With Frozen Heart

UPDATE NEWS : Since it's college time, it won't be everyday. So probably around 3 or 4 chapters per week, but if I have free time I will update more! This is an original story. 1. English is not my forte so please be kind and guide me ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ ALSO! Because of my lame naming skill, many people kinda confused with the use of 'Frozen Heart'. I used that word for Love Related, well she froze her heart because she doesn't want to fall in love (⌒_⌒;) ANYWAY! THIS IS THE FIRST NOVEL I MADE, SO IF THE PLOT KIND OF NOT MAKING SENSE OR TOO RUSHED, I PLEAD FOR KIND READERS' UNDERSTANDING. (#^.^#) I am REALLY a newbie writer here. (T▽T) 2. This Story might cause a lot of heartache, but the ending will be Happy! 3. Yes, this is mature and smutish story which contains sexual abuse or such so extreme caution is needed! Plus there will be LGBTQ related so I hope for everyone's kindness and understanding. (´∀`)♡ 4. I have prepared discord link if anyone wanted to discuss about this story! Come and Join! O(≧∇≦)O https://discord.gg/BURzJj8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ In the last life, Ming Yue was abandoned and adopted by Qing Family. She was abused and mistreated, more over her adopted father always tried to molest her everytime there was a chance. This made Ming Yue became a gloomy person who never truly lived. Her only friends were ghosts who always kept bothering her day and night. In her twenties, her heart moved due to being saved by a man. A cold and handsome man whose eyes fixed not on her but a woman who had similar face with her. Yes, her twin sister.. Having no hope to have the man's heart, Ming Yue did everything she could to support the man and her twin sister while watching from the sideline with broken heart. She even sacrificed her life for the man. The man who finally realized that the one he truly loved was Ming Yue, made a vow while hugging Ming Yue's cold body. "If there is a next life, I will give all my heart to you." However.. it was different for Ming Yue.. In her last breath, she decided to let all go.. "In this life, I gave my life for you. In the next life, I want to live for myself.." "I won't fall in love with you for the second time.."

Melodia · Fantasy Romance
The Shaman Queen

The Shaman Queen

She has no memories of the past... Ivey Link was the daughter of the most potent Shaman King—only she doesn't remember. Attacked and left for dead, her father sacrificed his life to return her back to the world of the living. In doing so, he traded his life for hers. Fully awakened, the time has come for her rightful place as the Shaman Queen to restore the balance that has been slowly tipping into evil's favor. To ensure her destiny, he's been sent to retrieve and protect…playing havoc on her senses. He remembers it all vividly... Seymour Wolffe owed her his life. An abandoned stray who survived using fists alone, his death was assured after stealing from the Shaman King. However, the Shaman King's daughter broke all the rules to name him her protector. He will rise once again to ensure her safety. To guard her with his life. After all, he failed once already...only, why is it harder to let go the second time?

Yisa4ever · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings