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ONCE UPON A TIME FANFIC* Welcome to Storybrooke. A little town tucked away in a corner of Maine, away from civilization, where every fairy tale creature you have ever known lives. Awesome, right? Well, I am here to tell you otherwise. My name is Piper and I live in Storybrooke, Maine. If you think YOUR life sucks, take a look into my town and you will realize that everyone here lives a life that pretty much sucked to the core. It's all in here, every single weirdness that happened in Storybrooke is recorded here. How I gave the mad hatter a concussion, how I walked to school with the adopted son of the Evil Queen, and how I had an ice cream- eating competition with the daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White... * I do not own Once Upon a Time or any characters except Piper. All rights go to ABC and the creators of Once Upon A Time.*

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