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Begging You To Stay{Marvel x Creepypasta}

One day during June, Matilda and Stephen was practicing with their magic. To create more stronger and stable portals to other worlds to see if it was possible, they accidentally somehow hit the same point which created a portal between their worlds but what was not meant to happen at all is that thirteen people from Matilda's world to fall through. This included Matilda being the tenth person. Watch as two families have fun along with other people. Matilda and Sam end up being allowed to stay along with Tia and Nisha at Stark Tower or The Avengers Tower, Tia sees Shuri, Peter, Marina and Vincent as possible friends with Peter it didn't take long. The two grow close together, to the point she goes to school to keep him safe. Stephen and Matilda are now trying to recreate the portal, so those not from the world can get back to their own. What happens when that isn't able to be done? That they are stuck there for nearly six and a half years, from 2017 till 2023 but half way through the year. which in their own world would most likely be a problem a month and a half or a year. But what happens while they stay? Read to find out. ~Look inside for more information.~

Shane_Hayman ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings