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The Goddess of Death

The Goddess of Death in the MCU and Norse myths, now replaced by a mortal girl from Earth who's just trying her best to survive in a war-torn universe. (Reincarnation/OC) "Hela Odinsdottir is not her original name, nor is it her first choice if she is truly reborn in the MCU. However, if accepting it means growing up alongside her dear siblings and protecting her youngest brother from his horrible fate, then she will gladly continue this farce for as long as she can." ... In which Hela being a big sister changes everything. ... (This is a work of fanfiction using characters from the Thor movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe) Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or the MCU itself. I only own this story, the plot, my worldbuilding, and my original characters (like Tyrkir, Ornulf, Vor, Herryk, etc.)

CDR_Grae · Movies

Marvel's Singularity

Reincarnated in an unfamiliar world, Arthur Dawnstar grow stronger and decides to explore his universe, with a twist. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, except for ones I created for the story purpose. P.s. The picture is not mine. The first few chapters will be really fast paced since those are more of an introduction and will be in a AU Naruto-verse, but the story will quickly proceed and go back on track. The main story will be in an AU-MCU verse. Contain many different inspirations from different stories. This is mainly for fun, so have fun! :)

Raizell · Anime & Comics

Aias the Pillar of Marvel(Hiatus)

A descendant of Ajax the Great, and a devout follower of the Greek religion, Atlas, dies and is then transported into the Marvel Universe. [PS: This is my first fanfic, so please, understand there will be some mistakes, and I welcome you to correct them and help me advance the story, but please don't just try to tear me down indiscriminately] ( I DO NOT OWN MUCH, THE WORLD AND CHARACTERS BELONG TO MARVEL, WITH MINOR ELEMENTS TAKEN FROM THE TYPE-MOON UNIVERSE AND THE GOD OF WAR SERIES, I ONLY CREATED/OWN THE PLOT OF THIS FANFIC)

Prince_of_Thieves · Anime & Comics

Novel Ideas DrakeGrimmhound

The dark place I put all my novel ideas after my brain stops working. To see which novel I updated go to the very start and look at the update page. Not dropping them or looking for adoption. ... Have some idea about my story? Comment it and let me know. Paypal.me/DrakeGrimmhound Pat reon.com/DrakeGrimmhound Twitter.com/@DGrimmhound

DrakeGrimmhound · Anime & Comics
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Finding Home

Note: This story disregards the events of Avengers: Endgame. When Loki's magic expends itself to save him from a true death at the hands of Thanos, he awakens on Midgard years after the titan's own demise. He changes form to hide his identity and is taken in by the kindly Sophia. Loki must adapt to this new life, without magic or otherwise, but how long can he keep the truth from a woman who is nearly as keen as he is?

celtious · Movies
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