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Divinely Demonic

Divinely Demonic

Qi Condensation. Foundation Establishment. Golden Core. On present day 21st century Earth, just these three realms are known to be attainable. Nascent Soul is nevertheless a legend and the domains above it lost to the long waterway of time. On the planet Earth however, there is the remnant of one of the few Nascent Soul cultivators from the past, the legendary serpent Quetzalcoatl, who is suppressed underneath Macchu Picchu. Using the body of an unfortunate youth, named Ao Xisu, who possessed an incredible bloodline, the bloodline of human sovereign Fuxi, Quetzalcoatl plans to return the world, with even greater talent than before and an even more incredible body, ready to rock the world and once more ascend to Nascent Soul, and perhaps even further! Taking the name of the boy who's body he possesses, Quetzalcoatl once more rejoins the world of cultivation, millenia after his initial suppression, using the name Ao Xisu, ready to cause incredible waves, however little did he know that his rebirth unto the world once more would take him further into the universe than he could have ever imagined... Into the vast universe where he would encounter far more incredible cultivators and lands than he ever thought possible! (The universe outside of earth, which will only be encountered after the first 50 or so chapters is a combination of the ATG universe, Martial God Asura universe and the Er Gen verse, ie Renegade Immortal, Pursuit of the Truth, I Shall Seal the Heavens etc, however elements of these stories will still be present on earth in the first 50 chapters)

vvDraco · Eastern Fantasy
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