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A love so unexpected

One is a handsome young man, who could make girls swoon over him. He was now in a suit with his shirt button undone and a drink in his hand. He could make girls beg at his feet with the mischief his eyes held. The other one was an ethereal beauty. If a man can be called that, then he might be the only one who can be called that. His eyes had a bit of a fierce expression but still his face looked calm. His pair of lips looking moist after the drink only enhanced his beauty. He can make girls want to call him baby with a glance. One being a daddy material and the other a boyfriend material, can the world handle this combination? It was a perfect couple. The first impression might always not be the best. The person might be something else than what you think of them as. In the same way, Leo and Luke crossed paths unknowingly and the impressions left behind are different. And now their fates have changed. Is it good or bad ? Please read it to find out. Please don't judge by this, I don't know if this is really the right description for my story. But please do read it. I hope you will like it.

MScPhysics ยท LGBT+
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