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My Shameless Wife Is The Most Powerful Woman

The female lead of this book is Jiang Wei. Lu Xi got reborn and lived for five years into Jiang Wei’s body, within those five years she took her revenge of her previous life and took all her previous life’s hard earned works. She owns; the top ten international company in the whole world, one of the best organisation in underworld and almost everyone in the government obey her orders. But what? That wasn’t enough to make her happy then she decided to live a normal life to try to make up of her previous life she wants to live a life back like the previous Jiang Wei. No one knows that she is rich, powerful and genius so it wasn’t hard for her to live a life what she always do what she wants. But the enemies of the previous Jiang Wei didn’t letted her do so, what should she do? They ruined her reputation by saying for every guy she walked or met saying that her boyfriend is. Jiang Wei was like super star in the whole country known as the most; pervert, shameless, straightforward, arrogant, good for nothing, vixen girl. But because she doesn’t care about what they say she didn’t bother to explain or to clear it until one day she met Yang Zichen and fell for him. ..... “Miss Jiang, my master invited you to go to room 1080.” said Yang Zichen’s assistant. “Why?” Jiang Wei was confused why in the hotel room. “He wants to thank you, after all you saved his little sister.” The assistant smiled respectfully. “No need, I did it because I want.” Jiang Wei tried to run but then suddenly a big hand pulled her back. Yang Zichen asked with devilish smile, “Why? Are you afraid of me??” “N-no, I was just—“ before she finished it he pulled her and said, “Then, let’s go!” He took her to his room and said, “ I heard Miss Jiang is straightforward person so I will get straight to the point. Marry me, I will give you everything.” “Cough..cough. Mr. Yang, this isn’t called straightforwardness. It is called an illness.” ...... Yang Zichen was kissing her passionately while his slender fingers touched every inch of her body then he suddenly noticed something and asked, “Baby, y-you are a virgin?” “Yeah, and if I weren’t would you throw me out?” “No, of course not.” Yang Zichen kissed her softly and continued, “It is just I didn’t expected it. Because you had fiancé and boyfriends before.” He was smiling happily thinking he is her first man. “Hey! You also believe that. Do you also think that I am vixen—“ before she finished it he kissed her again. “No, I was just too happy that we both are virgins.” ..... Hey everyone, because this is my first book I don’t except it to be perfect in everything especially in grammars but I will try my best! Cover isn’t mine! Anyone who have objections can comment it and I will change it. Enjoy it!! ^~^

Happyending14 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings