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Jun Jiuling

Jun Jiuling

Jiuling was once the daughter of the crown prince, the princess of a nation. She specialized in medicine and incredibly intelligent, and yet she was murdered. After her death, she actually ended up reincarnated into the body of a distressed orphan girl, Jun Zhenzhen. One of these days, Jiuling was going to go back to her killer and get revenge. However, she had urgent matters at hand that needed tending to, trouble of which was left to her by the previous owner of Jun Zhengzhen. Jun Zhenzhen was a simple-minded person, an unruly and distressed orphan girl. She hoped to rely on the marriage that her grandfather had arranged and marry the perfect husband in the hearts of many women - the young master of the Ning family. However, the Ning family completely abandoned her and was unwilling to go through with their arranged marriage. Furious, Jun Zhenzhen wanted to pretend to hang herself, but she ended up really dying. Thus, arrived Jiuling. Having taken Jun Zhenzhen's body, Jiuling quick-wittedly resolved the difficult situation and saved the Ning family from embarrassment and also stood up for herself. Unfortunately, this little feat was just the first step on her long road to accomplishing her revenge...

Xi Xing · Historical Romance
Suddenly becoming a mum!

Suddenly becoming a mum!

At the age of five, Lillian realized that she was cannon fodder for the rise of the main character of the novel 'My loyal hubby'. To avoid her tragic end, she decides to make MC her new BFF. Lillian decides to become the personal matchmaker of MC and ML. With all her strength, she defends the lovers against the remaining villains of the novel. With only one thought in mind - stay alive! But all of a sudden when Lillian thinks she has finally escaped her tragedy, MC and ML die in a plane crash and leaving Lillian their son. Together with ML's older brother, a cold, bossy CEO, Lillian has to take care of little Adrien. Join Lillian on her usual journey as a mother and wife.

Saya_Miyagusuku · Contemporary Romance
To Catch A Dream [Glam Series #1]

To Catch A Dream [Glam Series #1]

Eislyn Amirah's life is almost perfect. Being the spoiled princess of her family, she always gets the best of everything. There is just one thing that doesn't fit in her almost perfect life, that is Nyx Harrington. He was picked up by her father on the street and became his most trusted person over the years. She hates his kind the most. A person who sucks up to someone to gain their trust and then take everything, like a dog who bites their master. So when Eislyn's father made an arrangement that she can only gain a foothold in her family's company by marrying Nyx, she felt like the world has collapsed. But then, she is willing to do everything to make sure that Nyx does not get her father's company. Even marrying her most hated person.

deeeeyosa · Contemporary Romance
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