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Beast Among Mortals (The Beast Kin Series)

Being born in a world, they are given no choice to choose what they want to be. Born either a mortal human or beast. Some even born as half-breeds but seen as outsiders. Pure-blooded beings were mainly accepted in a tribe of same species. Most were rejected and kicked out of their tribe for not being a pure-blood being. Half-breeds born end up seeking shelter and home in a mortal human’s tribe. Hiding among the mortals who despise beasts for their longer life span and inhuman strength. They hide themselves away and avoid any barbarians which one pack in particular raids any tribe that they are not in alliance with. Follow four barbarian princes who stumble upon half-breed beasts who stirs up their life. Volume 1- A Scarred Wolf’s Mark Volume 2- A Devil’s Bunny Volume 3- Dimwit’s Big Luck Volume 4- An Enemies Claim Volume 5- ??? *** *Original Story* *The series continue on Wattpad*

MAnonymus18 · Historical Romance
Not enough ratings


In this story, we'll be focusing on one insignificant town, the town where you'll start, the town of Asyrienn. Asyrienn is one of the most incredibly boring places on earth, nothing has been happening for ages, even things like murder were last committed around 250 years ago. The days pass there as if they were years. Today, something unusual happens. Some citizens of Asyrienn wake up with a strange, unified mark somewhere on their bodies. They later find out that these marks give them superpowers! What's next?

Medeophoebe · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings