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DSG - Moved to Amazon and Patreon

Please note: This novel is no longer continued here, to read the rest of the chapter you will have to visit my Patreon or Amazon. Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/ShadowsFinger Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07C7912KX ===My currently on-going works on Webnovel === Digitize - https://www.webnovel.com/book/17048424205270405/Digitize%3A-Rebirth-of-the-Silver-Death-God Ascenders Rift - https://www.webnovel.com/book/16131271505970705/Ascenders-Rift LevelUp Family - https://www.webnovel.com/book/17397607105687205 DSG Synopsis In the Bright Flame Kingdom, there exists a small town known as Machen Town. A boy of age 15 called Feng Yu was beaten to death by the son of the Xiang Clan. Upon his death, a soul that seemed to have traveled through time and space quickly took over the body. It was the soul of a martial arts expert from another world, also bearing the name of Feng Yu. Given this new life, Feng Yu continues to pursue his goal of reaching the peak of martial arts, while slowly unearthing the powers of his mysterious bloodline. Join in on his tale of an epic adventure that will ultimately lead him to become - the Dual Sword God. ===Subscribe to my Mailing List to get exclusive access to works==== https://www.subscribepage.com/shadowsfinger_copy

ShadowsFinger · Martial Arts

The Marital Arts Beauties

Bei Wei Wei, a blunt and bold girl from Martial Art Dome, a independent state where only martial arts is used. She left China when she was just a year old to live with her grandfather, and when she finally turned 18, she returned back to China. On the way back to her home she saves an old woman and she says that she will pay back her kindness one day and that one day came back very soon, when her step sister schemed against her and making her father kick her out in the second day of her arrival. Homeless, foodless and moneyless she sat at the alley when the old lady who helped her comes and takes her with her. Little did she know that the old lady whom she helped was actually the grandmother of the world's richest man and little did they know about Bei Wei Wei's real identity . . . Sassiness- check Cuteness- check Comedy- check Beauty- double check . . . ©| Kim_Chu_Ha

Kim_Chu_Ha · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

The Boy with two Hearts

The story of Daemon the 13th son of the Wandee family, and his journey bring he’s cultivation to new level. ( a updated synopsis will come as more chapters comes out. ( no spoilers for future development tehe )

Krampus · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Into your smartphone and Moorim

This is a rough translation using GoolgeTranslate of the webnovel 스마트폰과 무림 속으로 You can find the webnove here - https://novel.naver.com/webnovel/list.nhn?novelId=799266 He suffered numerous accidents and debts from his parents, and he died in a car accident. Holding the smartphone in his hand. He wakes up again through the dark space where his identity was unknown.

EdwardJamesKenway · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings