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The Broken Soldier: Secrets of a Broken Marine

The Broken Soldier: Secrets of a Broken Marine

...Ever since Clayton Jackson can remember he wanted to become a Marine. But one fateful accident crushed all that dreams for him. He now finds himself with one first class ticket and a duffle bag full of secrets on his way back home... ...They say that everybody has their secrets, but how far will you go to keep those secrets hidden where they belong...in the closet... ...Today I give up on a dream, not really by my own choice but still it was the end of something big. Something I prepared for my whole life, something that drove every bone in my body, it was the sole purpose behind every single thing that I did. I always believed I would do something great, that I would become my dream. I guess dreams can't last forever, but I surely wish that this one did... ...They say that I saved my squad's life that day and for that I got a medal of honour. But no medal can make up for what I lost that day. I am supposed to be a hero but I am not, I am a broken man. Nobody wants a broken man, they need a hero...

Tatum_Whispers · Contemporary Romance